Pulsed Fibre Laser Markers - YF10 and YF20

See Laser Marking Overview for advantages of Pulsed Fibre Laser.
Pulsed Fibre Laser Marking Systems :

Key Advantages :

  • Powerful and fast
  • Suitable to many industrial traceability applications 
  • Cost effective
  • Includes double crosshair beamers to locate and focus laser at converging point
  • Interlock driven mechanical safety shutter integrated with laser head
Pulsed Fibre Laser Markers - YF10 and YF20
Capable of indenting the hardest materials such as carbides, allowing true permanent marking.
Excellent results on most metal components but also plastics.
Excellent beam quality allowing high precision marks and high energy concentration.
Pulsed Fibre Laser Markers - YF10 and YF20
Main Configurations and Solutions
Integrator (Class 4)
Controller with integrated control panel 
Controller designed for remote control panel (option)
  • Connects to PC via Ethernet connection, either direct cable or via LAN
  • 2 metre fibre length as standard (longer fibre available)
  • Fume extractor auto start connector on rear
  • Optional programmable 24v digital port (8in, 6out)
  • Optional programmable Z axis and circumferential axis
Workstation (Class 1)
To assure your safety, all our standard workstations are equipped with a full control panel including built in emergency stop, key-switch safety interlock control, high quality start/stop/focus finder push buttons
Control Panel Features:
Compact Laser Control Panel
  • On / Off Power Swith
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Interior Light Switch
  • Start/Stop Buttons
  • Focus Laser Button
  • Laser Power (Safety Key Switch)
  • Shutter Override (Safety Key Switch)
  • Interlock Override (Safety Keyswitch)
Compact Laser Control Panel
Standard 'Compact' Bench Top Laser Enclosure:
  • Robust steel construction
  • Small foot print
  • Ergonomic “zero gravity” pivoting door
  • Large viewing window 
  • MarkMaster software (? – Tell me more)
  • Cost effective industrial solution
Other Standard Enclosures:
V3 Bench Top Enclosure
V2 Floor Standing Enclosure
Automatic Laser Nameplate or Tag Marking System (Marking Tag Feeder)
Custom Turbo Internal Marker
Custom Laser Marking Label Feed System
Software and Communication:
Industry leading MarkMaster software

For a complete description of MarkMaster

  • Communication
  • Advanced DataBase connectivity (See MarkMaster)
  • TCP/IP connectivity can connect to a remote PC
  • Input/Output
  • RS232: Receive Data to be marked
Technical Specifications:
  • Typical operating parameters for 10W or 20W Pulsed Ytterbium Fibre Laser
  • Pulse energy: .5 to 1mJ
  • Average Power: 10 to 20W
  • M2: 1.2 to 1.8
  • Polarization: random
  • Power Tunibility: 10% to 100%
  • Pulse Duration @ 20 KHz: 100ns
  • Repetition Rate: 20 KHz to 100 KHz (10W) 20KHz to 50KHz (20W)
  • Long term power Stability: 1-3%
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 42C
  • Cooling: active air cooling
  • Fiber optic: 2 meter pigtail with 8mm collimator/isolator
  • Power: 24VDC @ 8A max.
Some YF10 & YF20 Capable Materials:
Aluminium (cast, polished, anodized), Backlit plastic buttons, Carbide, Cast Iron, Chrome, Galvanised Metals, Nickel, Nylon, Painted Metals, Plastics, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polysulphone, PVC, Rubber, Silicon, Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin, Thermal materials (Paper), Titanium, Valox.
If the material of your part is not listed or you would like to see a sample mark on one of your parts please send Pryor your parts and your requirements to our sample part mark service and we will be delighted to demonstrate the high quality, high speed capabilities of the YF laser range.